Basketball: A Game Which Is Equally Entertaining and Refreshing

Refreshment is something that every one seeks for to maintain mental and physical health. Basketball is such a game which helps us to improve our spirits. This game will not only make us energetic but also helps to raise our team spirits. We will get introduced to new people and learn to work together in mutual understanding.

Over the years basket ball has become one of the popular games in schools, colleges and even in residential areas and streets. In urban as well as rural areas we could see people playing this game in the streets. Many a time there will be a marked court. We can also see people in our neighborhood playing without any marked court. This game can be played without a proper court. The only requirement is that you should have hoops raised from the ground at the two ends of the ground.

It is not very difficult to play this game. You can play it in half court as well as full court. To play half court there should be at least 2 to six players. In that case you can take turns and aim for shooting I the same basket. To play the game in full court there should be at least ten members. Five members will form a team.

The ball will be passed around by pass it on to the team members and dribbling and bouncing the ball. The major aim of each team will be to shoot the ball into the basket. While the members of one team move on to shoot, the members of the other team can defend and can even catch hold of the ball while passing it on among the team members. The team which succeeds to put the maximum number of baskets will win the game.

The game becomes more competitive and interesting when people form groups and leagues. This game creates a team spirit while it satisfies our need for refreshment.

Source by Kathy Mercado

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