Boston Celtics vs Denver Nuggets – Full Game Highlights | March 10, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Comment (44)

  1. Beat the Cavs and blow out the Warriors on the road but lose to the Suns and Nuggets. Celtics have been consistently inconsistent so far in March.

  2. Good win Denver and Denver nation. As a Celtic fan I have to say this; our frontcourt is not getting it done. When the highest rebounder is a guard off the bench (Marcus Smart with 7) then it's time to make some changes. Heck, the Celtics should try and get Plumlee this summer. Whatever they do they must get an active big who can rebound this summer.

  3. Lot of disrespect towards the Nuggets in the comments. I just wanna say that they are a good team, Jokic has superstar potential and they are fighting for the playoffs. A bit inconsistent but they are good. They are not tanking.

  4. I must say the following: I love the way isiah Thomas plays
    What a freaking hustle this man does. And what a gold attitude, giving it his all. Respect to this man, he's as strong in the head as he's on the court

  5. God Boston fans are annoying. They spread like a cancer. They are like the Robin Leach of fans except without class. They are snobby and spoiled brats.

  6. This is what happens when the ball is moving and the whole team commits to a passing mentality, not just the vets dribbling the ball iso mode for half the shot clock.

    Jokić with 21/10/7/4 in 27 mins, with a flu. Typical Joker, haha.

    Marcus Smart in this game was… well, even more Marcus Smart than usual, if you get my drift.

  7. Honestly, after seeing the first Celtics-Nuggets game in Boston this year, when the Nugs gave them the WORK, and now this second blowout, the Nuggets would probably beat the Celtics in a series. They're a matchup nightmare for the C's. Too many huge wings, and Jokic is just ridiculous.

  8. wow al horford played that means he is gonna miss 10 games in a rpw now.. by the way don't hype the celtics all they gonna do will be getting swept by the cavs at best.. donn'T try to make it look like that cavs ahve competititon so that you can say how great of a player lebron is

  9. This season is fucking weird, shit/mediocre teams are beating teams like the GSW and Cavs too much, and okay teams like Boston are losing to losing teams

  10. Why is it that I never see Brooklyn nets fans, nuggets fans, suns fans those types of fans comment. It's always just cavs, golden state, spurs, Boston, raptors

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