Check out Lonzo Ball on a run in Chino Hills

Lonzo Ball Leads his Brothers Through Chino Hills Workout

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  1. I think he's a great player he has leader written all over him..Think he will fit good with The Lakers..But i think his Dad should be quiet once he is drafted..I respect him for raising his kids and been there..But on the court let him be in his element..I fear his dad will be a distraction if he's c on the sidelines yelling n trying to coach him..Besides that he's a future All-star or Superstar.

  2. Routine stayed the same so your VO2 Max stayed the same???? How about you throw a beer in there and confuse the body, right babe?

  3. Lmao so we get reports that the kid struggled at the first lakers practice and now we get a bullshit video like this?😂 the NBA trying to convince the lakers or something?

  4. 2015: NBA made videos specifically on D'Angelo Russell
    Result: DLo became a snitch

    2016: NBA made videos specifically on Ben Simmons
    Result: Injured in pre-season

    2017: NBA made videos specifically on Lonzo Ball
    Result: ???

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