Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics – Full Game Highlights | April 5, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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  1. its funny because most of u guys think the celtics and the cavs will face in the east finals ..??well if u think that way u dumb because the raptors has a better team u guys dnt give enough credit to them but i still think cavs will be in the nba finals but i know that the raps and the cavs will face in the east finals by the way im a lebron fan since 2006 and im not blind i can see the raptors has a better chance to beat the cavs

  2. lol let's be real idc who u put on the floor in a playoffs series nobody will beat the Cavs nd those who think different are in clear denial

  3. Yeah, mfs are good, damn good. And about that "they won't make it to the finals" crap, forget about it, if they manage to win finals nobody even imagined it was possible by sucking refs and who knows else dicks, they won't "lose" any of the series if they seem to. Another boring finals with lbj in it…

  4. Y'all really thought somebody in the East was going to beat the cavs? Y'all fall for the hype every single year!!! When will you clowns learn. Every year a few East teams get hyped up to beat the cavs and what happens every post season? 4-0, 4-1, 4-2!!! Stop drinking the Koolaid

  5. Celtics really need to be aggressive this offseason and that means trading your picks away. Your in win now mode and don't have time to develop rookies with an already young roster. Sucks to say it but even a 70% strength Cavs team will make it out of the east easily.

  6. lmao big game my ass I knew LeBron was bluffing when he said this game wasn't a big deal he told the cavs we gone play fr and blow they ass out

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