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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons – First Half Highlights | March 9, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Comment (36)

  1. I hate the Fans who support the big NBA teams who make it far into the playoffs every year and then just hate on the teams who are underrated like the Pistons and Sixers

  2. ok fukin kids are commenting like ohhhhh cavs loses to piston and ohh cavs is weak so ur telling me that ur better than the cavs players oh wow so ur in the nba? ahaha tf ? ur my idol ur better than LJ ur better than Kyrie

  3. The Cavs bench been playing like absolute ass lately bruh 😀, DeToliet had every player but 4 players end with double digit points when the Cavs had 3. This nigga JR went 1-9 from the field goal, Fuck kinda Shit is that? LeBron and Kyrie out here carrying the fucking team and the bench out here thinking they can just sit on their asses because they got LeBron on the team, and Kyle was out, smfh breh, THREE GAME LOSING STREAK? Come the fuck on man. The Celtics are right behind us and we losing to the Pistons bruh, I can't wait for JR to play full time and when Kevin comes back my nigga 😀 we sweepin' everybody I don't care what anybody say……

    *EDIT*: JR didn't even play good at decent minutes, and he's not really 100%, I'll let the nigga slide πŸ˜‘

    The Larriors were the FIRST TEAM IN NBA FINALS HISTORY to blow a 3-1 lead


    MJ played with the best coach in the league (and maybe history), the best wing defender in the league (and maybe history), the best rebounder in the league (and maybe history), the best three point shooter in the league (Steve Kerr has a higher career 3pt % than Steph Curry), and the best European player in the league… ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    Keep telling yourselves that MJ is the GOAT and single-handedly willed his team to six championships tho?

    By age 31, Jordan had led 3 teams to the NBA Finals. LeBron has led 7 teams to the NBA Finals by age 31. So for 4 seasons, LeBron's teams (where he was clearly the best player on all of them) had more success than Jordan's teams did. Both also won 3 championships by age 31. Sure, Jordan didn't lose one… but it's hard to lose in an NBA Finals when you weren't able to even get your team there in the first place. Those years where Jordan's teams lost before they got to the Finals were less successful than the years LeBron's teams lost IN the Finals. That's the way playoff brackets work.

    On top of that ,after Jordan's first retirement in 1993,bulls went from a 57-25 1992-1993 season to a 55-27 1993-1994 season(you would expect a team to perform significantly worse without the so called G.O.A.T), while after LeBron left Cavs in 2010 they went from 61-21 win season to a 19-63 season !!

    Then there's the fact that LeBron led TWO NBA Finals in Scoring, Rebounding, Assists, Blocks, and Steals. Jordan never came close to doing that.

    LeBron will never be better than "the legend of Jordan" because nobody, not even Jordan himself, was as successful as "the legend of Jordan" would have you believe he was. I think LeBron's already had far more career success than the reality of Jordan did up to age 31 though, and I haven't even mentioned the early years of their respective careers where LeBron was putting up 20, 5 and almost 6 as an 18-year-old in the NBA while Jordan was putting up just 13.5, 4.4 and 1.8 against college competition at UNC at the same age.?

    Oh yeah I also forgot to mention the simple fact MJ went 1-9 in playoffs without his father Scottie Pippen!!

    "MJ had tougher competition" DEBUNKED :

    1.He Won His Titles In an Era of When Expansion Teams Were Added, Diluting the Overall Quality of the NBA

    Right before and during his championship reign in the 90’s, several teams were added to the league, including the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, and Vancouver Grizzlies. It is a widely known truth that expansion teams rarely ever have winning seasons in their first few years in the league, as the talent pool is diminished due to the fact that a team has to fill a roster with completely new players, many of which have possibly never played professional sports before. Michael Jordan won 6 championships between 1991 and 1998; between 1988 and 1996, six teams were added to the league, making the era of Michael Jordan one that had lots of newbie teams.

    2. The NBA Teams He Defeated In the Finals Were Overrated

    One of the staples of MJ’s legacy is that each of the teams he defeated in the finals had very memorable superstars. Although this is true, when looked at a bit deeper, these teams may be a "little" overrated. Let’s take a quick look at the teams Michael Jordan defeated in the finals and how they might be a "little" overrated:

    1991 – Los Angeles Lakers – a good team, but point guard Magic Johnson was on his way out, and James Worthy was not nearly as effective as he was in the 80s. Also, the team no longer had Michael Cooper like they had in the 1980s, who was widely considered one of the best defensive players of all time. Needless to say, this Lakers team also no longer had the talents of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar like they did in the 80s – this Lakers team was a far cry from the Lakers that dominated the 80s.

    1992 – Portland Trail Blazers – Outside of Clyde Drexler, this team boasted the legendary talents of…Jerome Kersey and Clifford Robinson. Moving on!

    1993 – Phoenix Suns – Probably one of the better teams that MJ played, the Suns were led by then-MVP Charles Barkley, who was one of the league’s best power forwards. Outside of Barkley, this team lacked quality interior defense, a persistent theme throughout Jordan’s title run that was also a big reason why the Bulls won the 1991 and 1992 NBA finals.

    1996 – Seattle Supersonics – the famous duel between Gary Payton and Michael Jordan, unfortunately, was incredibly one-sided. The Seattle Supersonics really only had two good players, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. Kemp was an effective forward, but his work ethic left much to be desired, and the team did not have the depth that the Bulls had, with Pippen and Dennis Rodman working as incredible defenders while Michael Jordan constantly took shot after shot, making only 46% of his shots.

    1997-1998 – Utah Jazz – Probably the best team Jordan faced in the finals, this Jazz team was admittedly stocked with high-level talent, which included the likes of John Stockton and Karl Malone. Still, this team paled in comparison to the 1980’s Utah Jazz, who had defensive presence Mark Eaton to stop the offensive teams in the low post.

    Now lets compare that with what the King had to face:

    2007 – San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs went 16-4 in the playoffs. Tim Duncan is a Top 10 player in NBA history and better than any of the players Jordan beat, with the exception of Magic. [Counter: 1991 Magic led the NBA in turnovers, his shooting from the field was in steady decline, he was only 2nd in the NBA in assists, and the Lakers were at the end of their dynasty, finishing 2nd in the West.]
    22 years old LeBron James β€” playing in his fourth season in the NBA β€” managed to lead an inferior team to his first Finals appearance.(Jordan was in his rookie year at the same age)

    2011 Dallas Mavericks – Dirk Nowitzki is considered one of the best shooting forwards in NBA history. Barkley or Dirk? Barkley was 29 on his only trip to the Finals, and averaged 27 points and 13 rebounds in that series. He had 32-12-10 in a Game 4 loss, and 42-13 in a Game 2 loss. Dirk or Kemp? Dirk or Mailman? Dirk averaged 26-9 in the 2011 Finals, and made 45 of 46 free throws. Fun discussion where there’s no right or wrong answer: Was Dirk a more complete player than Barkley, Kemp and Mailman? The Mavs beat Kobe, Durant and LeBron in the postseason.

    Yes,LBJ underperformed to say the least but even the King can have ONE bad series + he was still only 25.

    Meanwhile,everyone seems to forget MJ's chokejob in 1995 playoffs against orlando.

    2012 – Oklahoma City Thunder – Difficult to say how good this Thunder team was. Durant and Westbrook were yet to hit their prime? Still we now know they are definite hall of famers. Jordan never faced a similar dominant young scoring tandem in the Finals.

    LeBron isn't clutch? His ECF elimination game 6 45/15/5 on 19/26 shooting and series clinching triple double prove otherwise.

    2013 – San Antonio Spurs – Prime TP,Duncan at 37, Ginobili at 35. And San Antonio benefited from the Westbrook injury (and swept the Lakers minus Kobe). The West was such a mess, the Spurs struggled against the Warriors (4-2), then swept the Grizzlies, who were only there because of the Westbrook injury. Comparing across decades is impossible and an exercise in futility, but wouldn’t this Spurs team have beaten any of Jordan’s Finals opponents?

    Moreover,If Ray Allen "Bailed Out" Lebron then I guess Kerr and Paxson also bailed out Jordan with their clutch shots.

    2014 – San Antonio Spurs – Undoubtedly one of the greatest teams of all time.The Heat were thoroughly throttled in five games by this superior San Antonio team. If you rewatch this series again, you’ll see that James was pretty much carrying the load all by himself. The King averaged 28.2 points per game, while the closest Heat member to that total was a washed up Dwyane Wade, who only contributed 15,2 points a contest.

    2015 – Golden State Warriors – The Warriors finished the season 67–15 led by one of the greatest backcourt of all time and an NBA All-Defensive first Team member Draymond Green.Both of LeBrons all star teammates went down with injuries and what he did was nothing short of remarkable..

    As the only top tier player left standing for the Cavs, James showed the will of a champion. He was the first player ever to lead both teams in points per game (35.8), assists per game (8.8), and rebounds per game (13.3) .The King put this young Cavaliers team on his back and carried them to a potential Finals upset. Sure, the Warriors came out on top, but LeBron’s ability to play at such a high level, and make those less talented players around him that much better, was otherworldly.

    2016 – Golden State Warriors – THE GREATEST REGULAR SEASON TEAM IN HISTORY – Despite facing incredible odds for most of the series, including deficits of 2-0 and 3-1, the King took matters into his own hands, leading the Cavaliers to the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history. In a showdown that reaffirmed his status as the BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET AND ARGUABLY GREATEST OF ALL TIME, β€˜Bron averaged 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, and 8.9 assists per game, including back-to-back 41-point performances in Games 5 and 6 + a triple double in game 7 of these 2016 Finals.


    13. 92 Blazers
    12. 91 Lakers
    11. 12 Thunder
    10. 11 Mavs
    9. 93 Suns
    8. 96 Sonics
    7. 97 Jazz
    6. 98 Jazz
    5. 13 Spurs
    4. 07 Spurs
    3. 15 Warriors
    2. 14 Spurs
    1. 16 Warriors

    To conclude i would like to quote Jordans father (Scottie Pippen) himself :

    "Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game,but I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will but he keeps everybody involved"

  5. The Cavs are absolute trash without Lebron on the court. Even when Kyrie is out there, without Lebron he doesn't do shit.

  6. hanging on the rim tech has to go. The force of the dunk and momentum, he has to swing back to not land awkwardly. shit is stupid if you ask me. He didn't even made much of a delay, and besides with instant replays, that shit will be slowing down games anyways and giving teams the advantage.

  7. Playoff series against teams with number 1 defense in PPG Allowed

    Jordan (21 games)
    -32 PPG
    -6.3 RPG
    -7 APG
    -2.9 TOPG
    -46 FG %
    -85 FT %
    – 2.5 SPG

    LeBitch (9 games)
    -25.3 PPG
    -7.7 RPG
    -5 APG
    -4.5 TOPG (Turnover per game)
    -41 FG%
    -68 FT%
    -1.4 SPG

    LeBitch has MUCH WEAKER competition than MJ, but still doesn't come close to him any way. LeBum has passed MJ in minutes played in careers, but the only thing LeBitch has more is Finals losses lmao

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