Do You Want To Break Your Defenders Ankles? Learn How To Get Sick Handles!

Have you ever watched one of those videos where someone gets their ankles destroyed and wished that you could do it?

I think it’s time you stopped wishing and finally start to develop your ball handling ability and learn how to get sick handles.

There are a few ways you can start improving your handles and the first one is to take action. On your down time start practicing your dribbling moves like your crossover, between-the-legs dribble, behind the back dribble, and your spin move.

You want to practice dribbling the basketball high, low, and in between. You can practice dribbling the basketball at different speeds and with different intensity.

There are many different ball handling skills you can work on in order to get sick handles.

You can also work on your foot work when you dribble. You want to practice using jab steps when you do certain moves in order to make them more effective. For example you could use a right foot jab step before doing a crossover move from your right hand to your left hand.

I highly advise watching your favorite ball handler and implementing what he/she is doing into your game. When you see how something is done it easier to do it than to just do it yourself without ever seeing how it’s done.

So, if you wanted to be able to run a fast break without losing the basketball, you should watch someone run a fast break that is really good at it, and figure out what skills you need to improve on in order to meet your goal of being able to run a fast break without losing control of the basketball.

Once you start implementing different things into your game you will notice your ball handling ability begin to improve.

Besides practicing your dribbling and watching footage of great ball handlers there is another way you can get sick handles. You can improve your ball handling by gaining experience.

Whenever you get the opportunity to play a good basketball player in 1 on 1 you should take it. There are a few things you can learn just from a game of 1 on 1. You can try out different moves in your arsenal and find out which ones are effective and which ones aren’t. You can learn a few moves from the person you’re playing 1 on 1.

If the person you’re playing 1 on 1 uses a move on you and it works, then you will know it is an effective move and you should start using and perfecting it.

This will certainly help you develop some sick handles.

Source by Travon Morgan

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