Fight Night Glasgow: Cynthia Calvillo – I Will Be A Champion

Cynthia Calvillo believes she is on a path to the title and Joanne Calderwood is just another person in her way at Fight Night Glasgow on Sunday.


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  1. That Calvillo is a hard-looking woman, really. It's funny how so many of the guys commenting are swayed by a chick in a short dress and high heels! If JoJo had donned the dress and heels, guys would be losing their minds instead of saying she looks like a smack addict. Idiots πŸ˜€

  2. Frankly..ive seen CnC fight..and whats been seen of Jojo..their well matched..evenly balanced..Jojo gots elbows and kicks..Cynthia has brawling..punching..killer no mercy on the mat punches with both of them having so much humility and professinalism….its gonna be a battle.

  3. 8 fights 16 fighters 1 winner tournament for the 155 lbs title to face Connor Mcgregor at Christmas, ufc 215 will be the lightweight tournamant, with the top 15 fighters and 1 wildcard all with a chance at the belt. 8 fights, then 4, then 2 then 1, you have to beat 4 fighters in one night all one round fights straight 10 minutes including the tournament championship and interim title fight. one night 15 fights.

  4. Sorry Cynthia, reality check is that ain't nobody in The W's SW division including yourself will ever become champion so long as the gold remains around Joanna's waist & the champ doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon!!!

  5. boy, the ufc really is overdoing it with this calvillo girl, look ufc, i know you want someone other than mcgregor to make you big money, but YOU (ufc) dont just get to decide who the next megastar is, the fans choose, and this girl has gotten alot of hype for not doing a whole lot, the ufc is trying too hard to make another star, just take the L, your getting greedy,and this girl will become a victim of this shit, girls are more impressionable then guys, if they keep pouring this superstar shit in her head she's going to end up like rousey, granted calvillo has more ability than rousey as far as actual combat goes, i just dont like how the ufc is putting alot, not all, but alot of their eggs in this baskett, they're forcing it with this girl, and it wont end well

  6. Dana White gets head from:

    Sunday – Megan Olivi
    Monday – Cynthia Calvillo
    Tuesday – Ronda Rousey
    Wednesday – Paige VanZant
    Thursday – Sage Northcutt
    Friday & Saturday – gives head to Conor McGregor

  7. Another grappler who thinks that can win with anybody….There are far better grapplers in that divion like Claudia Gedelha, tough stikers like Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Jessica Andrade, there are all-around fighters like Rose Namajunas, there are at least 5 or ever 7 ladies to beat before getting title shot. And above them all there is a monster on top – Joanna Jedrzejczyk who just refuses to grapple with enybody, forces you to fight in a stand-up and slowly or quickly kills you however she wants. Talking about title at this stage is not very serious…. this division is packed with talent with the biggest star at the top.

  8. fucked up how they treat gunnar nelson #8 in the world hes the main event and most of the promo is about this girl with 2 wins he even got replaced with her at the summer kickoff conference and its his card the ufc fucks up promoting these undeserving hype train fighters

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