Fight Night Glasgow: Cynthia Calvillo Octagon Interview

Check out the Octagon interview with Cynthia Calvillo after her unanimous decision victory over Joanne Calderwood in the co-main event.


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  1. This fight wasn't even close. Calvillo landed waaaaay more punches, did more damage, closest to finishing the fight twice. Calderwood is a slow bum that was just throwing and missing tons of kicks. Calvillo clear 30-27.

  2. lol why is calvillo talking as if she didnt just barely get a decision. shes acting about as if she just won in the most dominating fashion possible

    "imma win it how i want it"
    is not getting the submission what she wanted?

  3. Cynthia did a fantastic job here today, Joanne did a great performance too but it was more than obvious that Calvillo could her make it tap out but she run-out of time.

  4. Since there's a bunch of sensitive bitches in the comment section I'll try to break it down. Jojo outstruck CC! She fought smart kept CC at distance and mixed it up. When CC landed they didn't seem to hurt Jo, but they were the harder punches. CC scored with the 1st takedown & advanced, but Jojo had her stopped. I don't think attempting submissions in the last minute & failing gives you a round were you were completely outstruck. 2nd Jo again for the same reason and landed the hard backfist. 3rd CC because she was close to finishing the fight. Just my opinion if you want to be bitchy about it, get over it! I like CC so I have no problem that she gets a w.

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