Fight Night Glasgow: Santiago Ponzinibbio Octagon Interview

Hear from Santiago Ponzinibbio in the Octagon after his impressive first round finish of Gunnar Nelson in the main event of Fight Night Glasgow.


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  1. I like Gunnar(especially his grappling) but it was only a matter of time before he would get KOed fighting in that silly fucking stance. It works against mediocre strikers but there's a reason we don' EVER see that stance in high level kickboxing.

  2. People..He double poked his eyes pretty bad at the start, then held onto his shorts wich is ILLEGAL, then they go up against the cage and he poked his eye again even worse!! this rat Ponzinibbio is nothing but a utter cheat! Should either get DQ'd or No Contest.. he broke 3 big rules in 70 seconds. Fuck this argentinian rat who cant win without eyepoking

  3. hope we can stop with anymore gunnar hype. im glad his stupid ass karate style of movement just like connors got stopped in violent fashion. always great to see people with their chin up, underestimating their opponent getting knocked the fuck out. i doubt they will change those little smug bitches.

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