Fight Night Singapore: Rafael Dos Anjos Octagon Interview

Rafael Dos Anjos reacts in the Octagon after winning in his debut at welterweight at Fight Night Singapore.


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  1. always everyone thanking hessuuuuss for kicking someone's ass because hessuuuuss always said "beat up a person and then say my name to thank me" geez, fucking religious dickheads.

  2. I am impressed with Rafael's much-improved use of English. As an English language teacher I am heartened to hear a student's progression and confidence. A man with his schedule has every excuse to shirk this intellectual curiosity.

  3. He should of smoked the same pole as TJ Dillashaw and got a instant title shot with Tyron Woodley and they would close down the welterweight division if Tyron didnt agree. Oh hes brazilian and not white?……never mind as you were, nothing to see here.

  4. the commentators are unbearable, its like bbc have taken over wtf? I mean maybe one would be ok but they both sound the same. not everyone from england that likes sports sounds like that. "GOOOOAL! oops wrong show >.>" – New ufc guys

  5. Rda looks so deflated since USADA came in. Fucking fake ass Brazilian bitch. Can't fucking stand this guy, was so happy when he got fucked up by Alvarez and tony conveniently right after USADA came through lmfao.

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