GameTime: Is LeBron A Legitimate MVP Candidate? | April 5, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

The GameTime crew makes their case for LeBron James to win the MVP award.

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Comment (34)

  1. he is the combination of the 4 legend? maybe he has the skill, but the four legend fought hard for their team, never have that much of haters and never dim to be a betrayer.
    he made everybody in the team a better player? maybe, but he is far from the impact Steve Nash created for his team. remember Nash level up all his teammate whichever role they are in. bron recruit all star players to the team. That is different when u enter a motel and fell like a 6 star hotel and u enter a 6 star hotel feel like a 6 star hotel.

  2. People have become so accustomed to this mans greatness that they expect him to produce such numbers and carry his team. If you put any other of the candidates on any team I can guarantee you they cant carry like he does and gets his team to the finals year after year. People just taking him for granted. Without Bron, Cavs would probably be a 5 seed or so at best. (And no chance at a finals)

  3. No and for the following reasons:

    -Taking too much games off.
    -Asking for too much help than needed when you had good pieces you can develop.
    -Almost never closes games on the 4th quarter when it counts. (except for the Wizards game where he blew the layup and made that lucky shot at the end).

    Real MVP candidates – Westbrook, Harden, and Kawhi. I personally think Kawhi should win it cause he's pretty damn solid at offense, defense, and closing games when it counts….and they have more wins than Rockets and Thunder, but……Westbrook really has no shooters to help him and he pretty much wills himself every game to try to win. Thunder still in playoffs and that's pretty damn impressive. Kawhi and Westbrook for MVP. Harden flops too much. Flopping isn't basketball.

  4. LeBron has a legitimate case for MVP:

    1. 25.7 points, 8.9 assists and 7.9 rebounds (54% FG and 39% from 3)β€”are
    absurd, as is the fact he's posting the third-highest true-shooting
    percentage of his career. NONE of the other MVP candidates are close in
    terms of efficiency. Better still, you can get to LeBron's winning MVP
    using either of the traditional routes: team success or singular,
    squad-saving excellence. He has his Cleveland Cavaliers perched firmly
    atop the East, and he's the only thing keeping them afloat.

    2. The Cavs are cruising, but they get outscored by 4.7 points per 100
    possessions without LeBron. When he sits out entirely, their record is

    3. James' ability to manipulate and control the nine other players on the
    floor is unparalleled. And he's doing all thisβ€”tossing up obviously
    fantastic numbers and subtly orchestrating the proceedings with
    next-level nuanceβ€”while averaging 37.5 minutes per game in his 14th

    Only reason he doesn't get it every year is because just like Shaq people have voters fatigue. They're sick of the greatest players getting the same award.

  5. he may be a candidate because without him the cavs are not that good of a team..but russ and harden will have many more votes than lebron he will probably place 3rd or 4th in voting

  6. Do people not realize that MVP literally means most valuable? Without Lebron, they're a 25 win team, with Lebron they're in the Finals. That is literally the definition of the most valuable NBA player. Russ is going nowhere.

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