GameTime: Will Russell Westbrook Get The Triple-Double Record? | April 5, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

The GameTime crew discusses whether or not tonight is the night that Westbrook sets the NBA record for triple-doubles in a season.

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Comment (18)

  1. TBH we don't know how Oscar Robertson was getting those triple doubles. But they probably did do what OKC are doing for RW…that's not far-fetched by any means.

  2. I still believe in my heart that Harden will win it but I wish the best of luck to Westbrook too, they both deserve it with the amount of heart and passion that they put in day in and day out.

  3. what if people hit their free throws zeke you a great but you hating buddy he still has to get assist and points people hate so fucking much its crazy if it was lebron or curry they would be dick riding right now

  4. All MVP's since 1982-83 had at least 50 wins out of 82 games with their teams in regular season. OKC not gonna make 50 wins this season. So only Harden is going to get an MVP

  5. Zeke has a great point. Thunder coaches and teammates root for Russ to get his Triple Double everynight. I wonder if that decrease their team overall efficiency?

  6. As usual, Isiah Thomas sounds bitter about a young player's success. He was trying to downplay Russell's greatness throughout the entire video. Somebody should've told him that there were far more possessions in the time of Oscar Robertson.

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