LA Clippers vs Minnesota Timberwolves – Full Game Highlights | March 8, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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  1. I've said it numerous times already you'll. The Clippers are crap. They've always been crap. Unfortunately, the Western conference don't have any legitimate championship caliber teams. GSW, Spurs an Houston are very good regular season teams only. That's sad.

  2. If they can keep this squad together and maybe clean house with some of the front office/coaching, the T-wolves could be really big in the next year or two. KAT, Wiggins, LaVine, Rubio, Muhammad. They're all young, fast and talented. They just need to be a little more organized/coordinated and they could give the better teams in the west stiff competition.

  3. CP3 needs to make at least 25 per game for them to make it good in the playoffs. Got to push that motherfucking rock like Boston, they play hard the whole game every game.

  4. served them cry-baby Clippers up another beatdown!!! they came in poutin' and left cryin'. never seen such a bunch of whinny-ass bitches. they couldn't even shake hands and be good sportsmen afterwards. NO CLASS!!!!!

  5. KAT is an automatic 20+ & 10+ every night. A young KG the way he can attack the paint, also rebound & pass. Wiggins getting better every game. Shabazz brings that raw energy & hustle. Dieng a solid defender. Rubio playing great lately, shooting has improved the last month.
    I like Bjelica. Wolves won't make the playoffs, but have a bright future when LaVine returns next season.

  6. Minnesota is just a star point guard away from being a tough playoff contender. Imagine if theyΒ were to get CP3 orΒ Derrick Rose on their team next season. They'd be more fun to watch and harder to beat. I feel 4 the loyal T-Wolves fans who have had to put up with 12 goin on 13 straight years of no playoff appearences. I'm not a T-Wolves fan myself, butΒ I hope you all's patience and loyalty pays off by next season.

  7. The problem is that the Clips just aint playing with any intensity. It feels like they are just coasting. Idk if they think they can just flip a switch in the playoffs, but they gotta snap out of it. They can play so much better than how they are now. They just aren't putting the in effort. You look at the Clippers players and they all just look like they are bored. I don't understand how they can play like this when they have so much talent. Doc needs to find a way to make his players care.

  8. Good to see Stephenson back..Looks like he found a new home where he can reinvent himself. Thibbs got a wealth of talent I hope he don't fuck this up like in Chicago…

  9. DAMN! I thought I was watching an LA Clippers Lowlights with all those bricks I was seeing. They should be fucking embarrassed. Mad props to Minnesota for looking like a veteran team..

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