Manchester United vs West Brom 0-0 – Highlights – Premier League 01/04/2017 HD

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Premier League, Season 2016-17.
High Definition.


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  1. Fergie would never settle for a 0. 0 against West Brom, that's what makes him irreplaceable. It isn't acceptable to draw 0. 0 . when You have a reputation to maintain your status. The players should be likeΒ  1 2 an again pass and moveΒ  and dribbling skills with cutting edge teamwork and devastating prowess in front of goal except they look rather ordinary, don't get me wrong I am no hater, but I get frustrated when Iam used to watching attacking play. and to be honest Iam just a neutral observer. A Newcastle fan. so I don't care about Manchester but Im entitled to my opinion and Chelsea are different class because they have a winning mentality and lose very rarely. so that's what makes them Champions.

  2. They lose only 3 times and chelsea lose 4 times . If they fucking win all their ' draw ' match , they would've been on top of the table . Bad luck manchester .

  3. this is seriously danger, so if there is no zlatan and mata the team can never win ?! the team is never one player or two
    Lingrad today was shit same as martial, makhitaryan could have done better but need to have more passes rashford just running around the Goal. Thank God he had those two shots. Rooney ughhhh came in to have small jog didn't even feel pushing to win to be honest the attacking mentality of Man U has gone last year we had the chance of being in champions league but goals scored were less and this season out of 28 games 42 scores so of average 1.5 each game WTFFF

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