Mayweather vs McGregor: Artem Lobov – Now It is on to the Fight

Artem Lobov spoke with Megan Olivi after the World Tour concluded in London.


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  1. Do you guys not understand how difficult it is to have a 13-13 record? Statistically it's harder then 49-0. This is why this man is so great, he's legacy will live on through the ages. He'll forever be King Artem "No Love" Lobov

  2. Did we all forget that Conner has been out boxed by guys who are not professional boxers. Enter NateDiaz. Did we forget that Conner gasses out. Why in the world would you think he can beat the best boxer in the world? Weird.

  3. Who the fuck is that Artem Lobov guy, everybody over here making it look like he is some badass, i looked him up this motherfucker is 13-13!? Can somebody explain to me wtf is going on here?

  4. McGobshite the easiest money Mayweather will ever earn dont believe the hype pro boxer with 49 fights vs amateur boxer with 0 fight's dont have to be a rocket scientist to pick thee winner

  5. Why is there so much hate for Artem ?

    I usually hate those childish arguments like "you are jelaous" or "you are a hater", but in this particular case I do get the feeling that there are people who jelaous because they would love to be in his shoes. Travelling the world with a friend of yours, a millionaire and powerful man like McGregor, enjoying free tours on private jets and expensive cars…

    Some people might call it "leeching" but has it ever crossed your minds that they might have been friends already long before Conor was famous ?

  6. How many boxing fights did Mayweather loose? 0 How many boxing fights did TBE "Anyone can come and get it!" ARTEM Lobov loose? 0. Coincidence? I think not.

  7. i can't stand the fact that the whole money team and showtime are ganging up on Mcgregor while the UFC squad is hiding like bitches!!! where's Joe rogan? where's every UFC announcer? reporter? besides Ariel!! not a single word from everyone else unless it's inside a studio away from the press

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