Mayweather vs McGregor: Conor McGregor – This World Tour was Mind-Blowing

Megan Olivi catches up with Conor McGregor after the final stop of the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour in London.


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  1. 1:00 the dude on the right behind conor lool was the dude on that viral video who made it backstage snd walked out with conors team with a fake pass looool

  2. Conor isn't even hiding the fact that he's staring at Megan's boobs, over and over lol. He wants her, like many others. Must have been quite a view if he made it so obvious, probably sending her signals and hoping.

  3. Look at one minute the guy on the right that sneaky little charlatan Zac Alsop getting his face in
    you need to watch his YouTube clip 'Sneaking backstage at the McGregor vs Mayweather Press conference in London' great footage credit to him sneaky twat

  4. I remember seeing Big Foot's concave face filling up with blood on a UFC broadcast and yet they bleep out the swearing on a YouTube video? Yet anyone looking at this vid just needs to scroll down an inch or two and everyone is swearing anyway.

  5. #50-0… Conar may know how too talk shit but it wont matter August 26,Mayweather said the fans cant fight for him its hella true plus the only person he koed was Jose also all his other fights he had too use leg kicks too breakdown his opponents his fucked in the ring all he has is his supposedly boxing skills lmao Floyd will take too school and make him look bad!!!

  6. Unbelievable how UFC bleeps out curse words. So two people knocking each others teeth out is appropriate for kids to view, but curse words aren't? Fuck off.

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