Mayweather vs McGregor: London Recap

Recap the final stop of the historic Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour from London with Megan Olivi, Dana White, Floyd Mayweather, and Conor Mcgregor.


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  1. This is all just for show. 1000% Mayweather wins the match. McGregor will make minimum of 100mill win or lose. Mayweather will easily be able to bribe McGregor with a few more mills and the whole fight will be scripted. All that bullshit world tour is all staged just to hype up the fight even more. Only way McGregor will win is if he knocks out Mayweather. if it goes to distance Mayweather will win 100%. Both man will be dancing around the ring and it will go to the distance. Guess who wins? Mayweather. Either way both fighters will be laughing. The only losers will be those paying 100 USD for this 'fight'. This isn't a fight. It's pure entertainment like wrestling and if you believe this will be an actual boxing match then you must beΒ retarded.

  2. Floyd why are u butt hurt about Conor not being quiet when u talk? just because you sit there quietly doesn't mean he has to.. u have a choice just like he does. and if he doesn't make the same choice as u that's a problem? fukn deal with it. i just don't know how you can interpret that as u getting under his skin.. I mean it clearly would mean the opposite. he's getting under your skin hence why u have such a issue with him talking over you… it's a fukn fight promotion, u should know that game better than anyone.. I guess if a boxer isn't kissing his ass and showing respect then Floyd sees a issue with it

  3. Tell Floyd not to bring his daughter to these events.. he has the audacity to say his daughter was disrespected, tell me that wasn't a setup to make Conor look bad.. the same way Hillary tried to make Trump look bad on those commercials. That didn't stop him from becoming president, and that stunt won't stop Conor from winning, no matter how bad you try to make him look.

  4. they better check Mayweathers gloves. I don't mean to judge but he look like a snake🐍 in the grass.🌱🌱🌱🌱

  5. Another test of self gratification for Conor, trying to prove something to himself haha. Sorry Conor but you're out of your league, you think you know about boxing, you're properly fucked now

  6. For all those who are with Mayweather , Come back to me on 26th August the day his LEGACY will be CRUSHED … Mark My Words

  7. 3 things we learned on this press tour

    1) Mayweather daughter was mcgregors dick

    2) Leonard Ellerbe has a man crush on mcgregor

    3) Dana head has finally morphed into a tomato

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