Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour: Toronto Recap

Check out the recap of a wildly entertaining stop of the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour in Toronto.


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  1. "DANCE FOR ME β€” BOY!!" ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! LOL No but seriously, what do you expect? With the emergence of FREE Online Porn, Reality TV, Tabloid Media, etc. sensationalism is the name of today's game…SAD BUT TRUE…which is why I respect futuristic movies like The Running Man, Robocop, The Fifth Element, etc. β€” those films predicted humanity's God-forsaken future down-to-the-T…mindless n' senseless sheoples can't stop/won't stop getting enough of this, "YEEEEEEAAAHHH-hh!!!"

  2. Mayweather wants one more at 49-0. What for? That's not my problem… Rep on the line? Maybe for MAC. The NOTORIOUS one is riding a high! UFC ROCKS!! But, boxing is KING. You want it, come and get it! Once in a lifetime event, no doubt.

  3. Floyd is an idiot. Conor is 145 and 155 lb champ. Fought Nate Diaz at 170, who actually weighed closer to 190 at fight and knocked that fat cholo down several times. Conor hits like a middleweight, not a lightweight. 49-1 KO rounds 2-4.

  4. This guy shouted me out and I gained like 200 more views from all the people that added .His name on sc is karann0007

    Guys this is literally the only thing thats worked with me

  5. they are like fucking acting in these press conferences, they let mcgregor runs his mouth to keep the show interesting, they both don't give a fuck about anything other than money !! Mayweather will never risk his reputation and his streak if it's not just for the money he just want to pay his 2015's taxes !!! mayweather smartin mcgregor he chose him just because he will make him ton of money

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