Milwaukee Bucks vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Full Highlights | April 4, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Comment (46)

  1. That's an amazing performance, whatever team you're supporting. I'm a warriors fan, but westbrook is an amazing player. Well played, and good luck to everyone ! πŸ™‚ Chill, it's a sport and for us watching supposed to be fun.

  2. This is an exciting era for basketball. Last year the Warriors caught the Bulls regular season record and this year Westbrook will likely set a new record for triple doubles.

  3. TripDub with 21 minutes left to play and team up 27 pts against an above avg defensive team…

    This is the most active and confident I've seen OKC play offensively…if guys like McDermot, Gibson, Oladipo are more aggressive scorers it will change their whole look come playoffs…beating the Rockets will be tough if they aren't prepared to drop 120 once or twice and try to keep Rockets as close to 100pts or below as they can…should be a fun series

  4. With Oladipo back healthy, the addition of Taj Gibson and the efforts of Roberson, Adams, and even Russ in spots, the OKC defense has been on the uptick heading down the stretch. A team that is heavily reliant on one player to do it all, a la Houston, would be a good match-up for them if they want to advance to the second round. That and Russ' heroics may be enough to make that a reality!

  5. On of the best players currently, he's special. He may "try to get triple doubles" but I don't see a problem, gets 10 rebounds, he shoots a lot regardless so 10 pts isn't anything crazy to him, and he gets 10 assists at most 30pts at least 20 so I can't hate it. He's so much fun to watch

  6. people who say he is a stat paddler are such idiots… they are the ones who have never in their life played any game.. look in any game in the entire world if u play well u end up scoring well πŸ™„πŸ™„ isn't this a basic concept… so jus shut up if u can't digest the fact that Westbrook jus became a legend with this season's performance.. and he ll surely be remembered as the one who broke Oscar Robertson's record..

  7. Westbrook for MVP love him or hate yall niggas got to respect him of how hard he plays every night and historical season and how he lead the Thunder over 41 wins which ESPN thought how many wins we were gonna have and we would have more wins if Kanter and Oladipo didn't miss 25 games combined

  8. I don't think Russsell will ever manage to control himself in the clutch, but watching this season I realized it shouldn't be any different. This dude has a mindset of a black viking – always attack, no matter the situation and with no regard for human life, not even his own. I do prefer more subtle players, but denying him from being this year's MVP would be a major crime against sportsmanship. A god damn force of nature, that's what he is.

  9. Let's not let this historical triple double season from Russ distract you from the fact that Golden state has now won 12 in a row and hold the best record in the league for the third straight year

  10. Moral – be the only one good in your team to be able to break most of the records. Be the only one good to be able to get most points in a game, to get triple-double every game, to score most points in a quarter, to score most points in history, etc.

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