NBA Daily Show: Apr. 4 – The Starters

On Monday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss Kevin Durant’s anticipated return, Jusuf Nurkic’s leg injury, and the Orlando Magic’s offseason plans being leaked. That, plus Chris Webber gets snubbed from the Hall of Fame, the Wizards feel disrespected, and a brand new edition of Weekend Whoopsies! Watch The Starters weekdays at 7:00ET on NBATV and get more of them on their website:


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  1. Typical starters episode these days:

    Skeets: goooooood eveniiiiiiiiiiiiiiing sweeeeet world! And
    welcome to the starters im the guy who talks the most and alongside me as
    always… thats tas melas.

    Tas: I force my laughs and fake my smiles but deep down im

    Skeets: hahaha to his right, takin it to the max whose
    opinion we don’t respect its leigh ellis.

    Leigh: friiiiiiiiiiiiiiends

    Tas & Skeets: mmmmmmmmmmmm leigh leigh

    Skeets: last and certainly least, over yonder its trey kerby

    Trey: ayo!

    Skeets tas & leigh: aaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyooooo!

    Skeets: tk what do you got for us?

    Trey: Guys im over here checking twitter and last night i
    had a hot dog which brings us to today’s question, what food would nba players
    be? Maybe a kiwi leonard? Or a baked Jeremy lamb? Or maybe even a lebronburger
    with a side of channing fries. Send us your best tweets cuz i definately don’t
    wanna talk about basketball.

    Skeets: good stuff trey, thats right there were a whoooooole
    lotta good games last night with lots of game winners but we’re not gonna talk
    about that.. we gotta show you the bieber crossover again!!!!!

    Oh yeah look at him go!

    Tas: ha…ha….ha….

    Leigh: oh i love the beebs, hes great. Its too bad that
    karl-anthony towns wasn’t guarding him cuz hes a terrific defender.

    Tas: scoffs….what? Hes not a good defender at all

    Leigh: No but hes a 7 footer and blocks shots and has a
    great defensive coach

    Skeets: that doesn’t make him a good defender though..

    Leigh: No but…

    Tas: the numbers actually show hes one of the worst
    defenders in the league

    Trey: Alright, Alright Alright!!!! Guys look at me holding
    this beef now… you buying this beef???? Should i…. lock it in? WATCHU GOT!

    Skeets: lock it in trey! Throw that beef over here! Lets get
    that fan blowing confetti at us. I’m a level 5 daughter is dating a biker
    tornado level worried that we will not get to 50 wedgies!!!

    Tas: i did the math and we are on pace for 49.876547864
    wedgies on the year

    Leigh: well lets just round it up to 50 then.

    Tas: stfu leigh im the most knowledable one about basketball
    here and im pissed that we have to let you speak.

    Skeets: oh look we have a man in a pickle costume! Do the
    igoudala do the do the do the igoudala.

    Trey: look at me dancing aren’t I funny guys?

    Skeets: ok for tonight’s pick em pay off… tas has the
    warriors on the road on a back to back beating San Antonio. The rest of us
    going with the Spurs.

    Tas: thats right its also their 4th game in 5
    nights but im taking the warriors baby!

    Skeets: leigh fuck your vsp, but we do have time for some
    fan signs

    Leigh: absolutely, here is Mitchell from Detroit holding a
    blank piece of paper which says the starters on it… now here is Kelly all the
    way out from England standing by the ocean with a starters t-shirt. Always good
    to see a little international…. spice…. girl.

    Tas: ha….

    Skeets: you’re a weird man leigh… hahaha ok guys thanks
    for joining us, the hockey playoffs start tomorrow so there will be no shows
    next week, see ya back the following week. Tas you wanna bring us home?

    Tas: thanks for joining us folks and remember… You can
    always piss really hard on your toilet bowl shit stains to get them out

    Skeets: hahaha oh boy embrace the weekend people…

    Trey: guys look at me still dancing over here

  2. wizards talking about disrespect when they called a regular season game a funeral game and were wearing all black lmao gtfo

  3. I'm actually pretty disappointed by the whole sponsor dealio…. fuck that. Why not be sponsored by a fucking cigarette company while your at it.

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