Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers – First Half Highlights | April 4, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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  1. not impressed. we shot better so we won. but orlando still caused us to play lbj in 4th and our guards defense is still trash. celtics will man handle us today.

  2. where are those same people that defended Tristan Thompson and justified him when he was yelling back at Lebron and claiming he EARNED his 90 mil contract? That motherfucker didn't EARN shit. Lebron GOT him that deal. I've been saying it since the beginning of the year that the cavs made a mistake given that much money to below average player.. Think about it, this Mans ONLY job is to defend and get rebounds. Yet night in and night out he's CONSTANTLY getting dominated by the opposing teams player . But hey I mean at least he's crashing the boards and getting those rebounds right? WRONG!! If tonights game isn't indicative of how much of a scrub this guy is then I really don't know… He literally played 28 minutes and got 3 rebounds ..that's just laughable for a person who EARNED that MAX deal..what's even more laughable is every one of his teammates in the starting 5 got rebounds than him, yes even KYRIE(4rebounds) and JR(5rebounds) ..like I said this scrub needs to humble himself and learn his role because he goes out there barking and acting like he's this superstar player.

  3. "And folks, as you look @ 4:26, you can see the "king" in it's natural habitat and using his signature move, but follows with a cry of distress. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, rare as you may see it cry often. ok. on to the next creature…"

  4. They should beat the Magic easily, they are ranked 29th in offensive effiecncy and 28th in points per game…yet they are behind them and have given 55 points in a half. They'll probably still win since the Magic is really mediocre but they have to play defense, if today's game is hard for them then tomorrow will be an absolute nightmare.

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