Russell Westbrook 41st Triple-Double Postgame Interview | April 4, 2017

Russell Westbrook’s postgame interview after his historic night. He earned his 41st triple double of the season tying Oscar Robertson’s record from the 61-62 NBA Season


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  1. Westbrook MVP. Stat padding? SMH. If it was that easy to rack up triple-doubles whenever you want to, Oscar Robertson would not hold the 55 yr old record until last night. Haters gonna hate.

  2. Thank you Russell, you put up an amazing year glad I was alive to see it happen, go finish up averaging a triple double &I make some noise in the playoffs

  3. James harden is only breaking franchise records this man westbrook is on another level rn , He is about to get the most Triples doubles in a season he has the highest triple dub ever and he is the first person to go perfect from the field and Ft line with a triple double plus many more but yall saying james harden is Mvp because his team fits his playstyle better

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