Shaqtin’ A Fool | November 3, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Comment (31)

  1. Hardens wasn't a travel. People do that all the time

    Damn, I knew that Sam Dekker one was gonna be on this as soon as I saw it happen live. I felt so bad lol, not a good way to kick off an nba career BUT dude just put up 30 Friday night. Possible bright future

  2. I can't believe how many morons on here think Harden didn't travel. If you are dribbling and running, you can just let the ball go and run next to it for as long as you want but you have to let it hit the ground first before you can touch it assuming you took more than 2-3 steps in the mean time. The reason that is legal is because it's by rule a free ball as long as it bounces on its own before you touch it again. BUT if you dribble the ball and take multiple steps the touch the ball before it hits the ground that is the exact same thing as passing to yourself. It is exactly the same thing as dribbling then throwing the ball up in the air with only your dribble hand, running twenty feet, then catching it. The only difference between that and what Harden did is that the ball stayed near him, but that doesn't matter. Had he let thr ball bounce on its own, then by defintion, he would have essentially lost control of the ball on purpose allowing him to run freely without breaking a rule. Same reason that on a break away you can dribble the ball out in front of you and just run, but the ball bounces freely on its own in that case.

  3. He never gathered the ball in his hands while taking all those steps. It's like pushing the ball far out in front of you and then running to catch up to said ball and gathering it. That wasn't a travel.

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