Stephen Curry Hustle, Flashy Behind-the-Back Pass Leads to Score | April 4, 2017

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry hustles, grabs a steal from Andrew Wiggins, passes it behind his back, and leads to a fastbreak score against the Minnesota Timberwolves.


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  1. curry is the best point guard ever already at age 29 and its not even close his "down year" is 25 and 5 and is going to get 300 threes .Curry is better than Kyrie aswell. Kyrie is nothing without lebron 4-20 without him.curry averaged 30ppg on 50% shooting which only MJ accomplished before WHILE sitting out 22 fourth quarters last year.Lebum choked a 2-0 with prime wade and prime bosh to dirk and jason terry and avg 16 ppt for the series lol.Westbrook is a great player but curry is 10x better than him or anybody in the league for a matter fact.westbrooks opponents shoot over 50% on him.currys defense in fact is underrated.Curry would be winning his third mvp without Kd as shown thru this 12 game winning streak.Curry can carry a team as shown as in 2013 he has beaten the 3rd seed nuggets,and took the next year champs who lost to the heat in 7 that year which were the spurs.Hes gonna surpass MJ as best player ever.hes gonna sweep lebum and the lavs this year.Kd is gonna come back and will Son lebron together for all the flopping and snitching to the refs he has done.Lebron sucks and He will NEVER be as good as KD Curry or MJ for a FACT

  2. its cool to see this shit in march and april, hell it even had me turnt… but i better not see this shit in June!!! this nigga better be doing two handed chest passes!

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