Stephen Curry Misses the Game-Winner vs Timberwolves | March 10, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Comment (35)

  1. i know everyone just going in on curry but how was dude not supposed to get tied up after that rebound? lol he starts a dribble and its a turnover

  2. 0-5 on game winning attempts in the final 10 seconds while the Warriors as a team are 0-8 on such attempts this season. Yet Warriors fans are saying LeBron isn't clutch? LOL.

  3. Ignorant refs. Two guys wrestling for the ball with 2 secs left and nothing was called. Yeah, just let the time run out while one dude has a bear hug over the other. After review they ruled it a jump ball with .007 left. LOL. 0:15 does that look like a jump ball? Klay tried to bring him down from behind. How the F is that a jump ball. Terrible refs. What if there was more time? No foul? Say there was 5 secs left. You're going to say jump ball and give the Warriors a chance at another possession when you clearly got the rebound and should be shooting 2 ft. No matter who you are rooting for, that is some of the worst reffing, ever.

  4. See y'all steph sexuals and bandwagons are blind at the fact that this slump has been going on for 3 weeks now, and tonight the Warriors going up against the Spurs (without KD might I add) and Curry is still not performing well. He better figure it out tonight or else Spurs got the 1st seed locked in.

  5. Coach Kerr is a fraud we seen him vs Luke Walton… Stole Mark Jackson team… One of the best benches and over plays his starters… Don't know how to implement his bigs with Javale… And has forgotten about preaching team ball… Also preaching defense

  6. I really hope the warriors get back on form this is painful to watch. And I also wish that comments were made my mature fans and not 12 year olds sheep who hate on teams. Toxic ass community

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