The Greatest Individual Performance In Football History Is… | #SundayVibes


Joe, Pat & Dave answer your questions, including who had the best individual performance in history & which two leagues would you merge?!

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Comment (48)

  1. i think the reason english teams didn't do well in europe because the level of competition in their league, you look at bundesliga, serie a, la liga, they don't have enough competitions
    barca, madrid, bayern, juve, they all can put their bench and still win against the weaker teams in their leagues, you can't do that in premier league tho, there are 6-7 teams that can challenge for the title and the mid table teams have decent squad as well

  2. La Liga w Primeira Liga. Portuguese teams would get more TV money and could make it more difficult for Barca/Real. + could be done with the locations of the two leagues.

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the greatest individual performance of all time in the sport. Like him or not. Numbers its numbers. Statistics don't lie. He broke almost every record in the sport. You just need to check the football Statistics and see that.

  4. the epl needs a whole fucking renovation, the fans are horrendous, the weather and climate isn't what most players (eg. griezmann) prefer, the quality and quantity of youth players is terrible and to be honest, it is more appealing to be earning 125,000 a week in sunny madrid then 175,000 in a perpetually rainy london.


  5. bundesliga has good managers ?! WHO ?! All the top five clubs have different managers every year, shalka, wolfsburg and Borussia M. had good managers. I still have high hopes of seeing tutchel winning something, he is very very good on building youngsters. Ancelotti doesn't even have to coach anymore, he has won so much. For me bundesliga has a lot of average managers.

  6. you are too negative about your national players, delli alli is brilliant, harry kane, put harry kane in that portuguese and i think to myself now this is a good team. Portugal has not center forwards, we have two, the only guys that are in the national team, and eder is very bad, he scored that goal in the euro finals, but it was the only thing that he did in his all life. You have very good right backs and left backs, ryan bertrand is very good in fifa 16, i don't know good he is in real life XD. Walker and rose … You need definitely better managers. It's the worst country when it comes to the top 10 national teams in the world. Spain are bad too, France LOL, Netherlands – fucking hell, belgium, okay belgium it's even worst, brazil and argentina combined are terrible.

  7. Some of the players that I grew up on just ditched there whole careers in Europe just for some pretty penny in China. I think the Chinese League will shoot up⬆️

  8. The left guy should get his head out of arsenals butt cheeks,

    He hates/dislikes people who leave arsenal, but arsenal has no ambition whatoever.
    And they are greedy too btw

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