Top 10 Football Meltdowns! | Pepe, Maradona & Adriano


These players shocked us all and went over the edge! Meltdowns include Adriano, Kolo Toure & Pepe!
Let us know in the comments below if which footballer you think lost their mind!

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Comment (27)

  1. "So what made you sign him?"

    "Well he broke me ankle and shattered my femur then fucked my wife and did the same for the rest of the team."

  2. your #1 spot doesnt even seem to make a lot of sense. Not only have I never heard of that footballer, but the story you tell doesnt really seem complete. even if he had one night of extreme coke use, thats nothing compared to characters like maradona, or the biter suarez.

    bad video .

  3. You got the Raoul Mout bit wrong mate, just a heads up out of respect for the dead. He actually killed his ex girlfriends partner, not his ex girlfriend. Genuine mistake, I know just letting you guys know.

  4. Are you fucking serious about Pepe? Matured? Fuck off. He's a scumbag whom dives all the fucking time. He's literally a disgrace to football

  5. Should do a top 10 what if's in soccer history I.e.
    – what if Ronaldo (Brazilian one) never got injured
    – what if Adriano and Ronaldinho weren't such party animals

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