UFC 210: Cormier vs Johnson 2 – Media Day Faceoffs

Check out the media day faceoffs featuring the headliners of UFC 210 including Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson, Chris Weidman, and Gegard Mousasi.


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  1. So Pearl Gonzales is making her Ufc debut just behind the co main and she just happens to be a bombshell. Funny! Also that alpha male girl is a beast her ground game is no joke.

  2. Lol this is so stupid. Why are these clowns even here? Jones would destroy both of them. Neither of these guys will deserve the title because John is the real champ. peace

  3. I always thought it looks dumb when fighters put their fists up at these faceoffs. It just looks gay and retarded like most of you nerds do. Anyway, I'm a DC fan and he's keeping the title. I'll also go with Weedman to win. I don't recognize the bitches fighting but that one with the blond curly hair would have my big Italian dick shoved so far up her ass my jizz would cum out of her mouth. That's all. Now you nerds can feel blessed that I took the time to comment. Nitey nite fags.

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