UFC 214 Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 1

Before the long-overdue rematch set to take place at UFC 214 on July 29 between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, check out the rivals first battle at UFC 182 in 2015.

Order UFC 214: https://www.ufc.tv/video/ufc-214


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  1. Jones is one of the best fighters the UFC has ever seen but I still think he lost at 165 to Alexander Gustafson. Hope he beats DC just to see the rematch vs Gus

  2. cormier was done after the 3rd. unless his cardio has drastically improved which is doubtful at best, the next fight will play out the same way.

  3. IF dc had a legit left hook, he could of prod stop jon but the fact that DC doesnt try to sneak a left hook pass jons low right hand shows the holes in an top level mma fight compared to top level boxer, liek when jons throwing his left at DC body would be a perfect time for a sneak a left hook in since jon would be moving into the left hook since jon throwin a left body shot

  4. A lot of sympathy for Cormier because you can see on the guys face how hard throughout his whole life he worked to be the best in the world at what he does and he just has little chance against this once in a generation athlete who is quite simply a phenomenon . We should be grateful to see one of the greatest athletical work ethics ever in the cage with arguably the greatest fighter ever .

  5. I'm glad UFC started to let people post fights on YouTube. I really fell put of familiarity with all the fighters since I couldn't afford to buy UFC fights all the time. It was smart. They should get much more people interested into the fighters as well as futures prospects.

  6. Regardless of what you think of Jones' current situation with USADA, the man has literally admitted to intentionally eye poking his opponents. He's a self-confessed cheater.

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