UFC Fight Night Glasgow: Q&A with Lee, Meek & Hardy

Watch the Fight Night Glasgow Q&A featuring Kevin Lee, Emil Meek, and host Dan Hardy.


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  1. i really wish Lee can be more of himself. You see shades of that when he really feels the questions and the crowd but once its about something concerning his ego say 'would you fight mcgregor' All that goes out the window. He's good for the division and i see him in contention soon

  2. so dan hardys point of view is that all fighters should have a fake persona and talk out of their ass and parade their money like conor… It blows my mind that people like this shit. All these Conor worshipers in the audience, wtf. like little infatuated girls, its absolutely ridiculous… These soft beta losers living vicariously through someone they have no connection with….

  3. Kevin Lee,

    Please, shut the fuck up. You got knocked out on Conor's undercard as a 3 to 1 favorite. You sound like a fucking kid talking about how much you are doing and evolving as a person. The people you are mentioning and seemingly know EVERYTHING about, don't even know who you are. Do you realize this? Jesus, I rather listen to Conor for an hour than listen to you ramble for 15 minutes. Shut the FUCK up.

  4. My god….I can not listen to K Lee. This dude is such a fuckn tool. The only thing he said that was on point was that McNugget is a Culture Vulture. But Lee is a Connor wannabe so what does that make him?? A FUCKN DOUCHE thats what.

  5. Looks to me like Hardy wants to suck Connor's cock. He can't stop talking about him and his eyes turned into two little hearts as soon someone says something about Connor.

  6. Who thinks Alvarez and Ferguson are an easier fight than Kevin Lee?

    WTF. The kid is talented, and he's entertaining, but c'mon man… Base the shittalk on some facts.

  7. Mario yamasaki is one of the worst referees in the UFC the stop it was early there was 30 seconds left in the fight and he stopped it before he could tap Kevin Lee you're saying that he was going to tap for one thing your body triangle was on the wrong side you may have been choking him slightly but he could have hung on for 30 seconds step your BBJ up yamasaki should be fired his job is not to stop the fight early when someone's in a choke the only way the fight is stopped is a Tapout or a knockout

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