European Football Show

Watch European Football Show free online

Watch European Football Show free online.

European Football Show (also referred to on occasion as Sunday Night European Football ) is a football TV programme on BT Sport presented by James Richardson. The show was originally split into three segments. It began with a discussion between Richardson and the show’s pundits of the weekend’s European football (from the German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and Italian Serie A) along with highlights of matches played in the featured leagues. That led into the programme’s featured live football match, which could’ve been from either the French or Italian leagues. Following the match, more discussion took place on the events of the match, and goings on from the world of football over the previous week.

Watch European Football Show free online

However, more recently the show only lasts for one 1 hour and 15 minute segment of discussion from the weekend’s news, with the live match becoming a separate programme afterwards. As well as a change in format, the Portuguese Primeira Liga was added to the show’s focus leagues. An additional show, named European Football Show Extra, is broadcast on the following Monday, with Richardson and the pundits discussing various football topics show-by-show.

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