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Watch funny videos highlights from TNT’s Inside the NBA, hosted by Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and nowย  NBATV’s Chris Webber.

Inside The NBA

It is aย  NBA show before the games on TNT broadcasts. The host is made by Ernie Johnson with analysts Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith. And The NBA got over billions fans and now pretends to be the most popular sports on social media. And what about the soccer? ….

The show has won nine Emmy Awards, while Johnson has won three as a studio host and Barkley has won two as a studio analyst. O’Neal won an Emmy in 2012 as a studio analyst as well.


It has gained popularity in recent years for the chemistry and banter of the hosts, particularly since Barkley joined the show in 2001.

Barkley has been known for his controversial comments and outrageous bets. During the 2006 NBA Playoffs, in response to performer David Blaine‘s attempt to stay under water for nine minutes, Barkley duplicated the stunt with a small tub of water but only managed to stay under water for 24 seconds. In late 2002, Barkley told Kenny Smith that he would “kiss [his] ass” if Houston Rockets then-rookie Yao Ming scored nineteen points in a game,which was followed by Yao doing exactly that later that week. As a result, on Listen Up! With Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson that Thursday, Barkley kissed the rear end of a donkey that Smith brought into the studio. Barkley has also been weighed on air several times, and once said “bullshit” live on air. In 2002, a controversial Sports Illustrated cover, in which Barkley was portrayed in chains (as a slave), led to a sometimes heated debate on the TNT studio show.



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