Washington Wizards vs Sacramento Kings – Full Game Highlights | Mar 10, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Comment (43)

  1. Thunder are going to get more salt in their wounds if Scott Brooks gets Coach of the Year. Wizards might really go from 41-41 and the 10th seed to the #1 or #2 seed in one year.

  2. tbh i think the kings are better with out demarcus cousins. even though they still lose games they are still pretty close. they arent getting blown out or anything

  3. Due to Ainge not doing jack shit this season to change our roster, I don't care if the Wizards overtake our seed. They want it more as of now. Just as long as y'all prevent bitch ass Raptors from getting that spot it's all good.

  4. that king commentator is so crap every time the kings make an average play hes exited but ever time the opposing team makes a stunning play hes just lifeless

  5. Kings future is bright, with two more top ten picks on the way and some more experience this team could be good, their young guys are fun to watch at the very least.

  6. I blame the Defense for Washington, for the first three quarters mostly. But lately these lottery team's, have just been on fire from downtown vs my Wiz and making these games very tough. WIZ 2ND PLACE LOOK OUT Cleveland. WiZ are legit

  7. I'm beginning to really enjoy watching these Sacramento Kings team play. I'm a Cousins fan too. Would like to see that pick and roll with Collison and Cauley-Stein utilized more often throughout the game.

  8. how bad do you have to be to blow a 15 point lead like its not that hard
    thanks Lings for making the celtics the 3rd seed i hope you become worse than the nets

  9. Most improved team during a season in NBA history.

    That's an actual fact there is no other team in the NBA that started 2-8 and then moved up to second seed.

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