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Do you know how to watch the 2010 NBA Playoffs online? I had to find out right real quick because I will travelling during the playoffs.Β  The first round begins Saturday, April 17 and Sunday April 18 where teams making it to post-season face the challenge in a best of seven series that will crown the 2010 NBA champion. I will be watching the games on my PC, since I found this software program that gives me access to webcasts of all playoff games.

I found it online, after searching hours and hours for an Internet broadcast. The software is easily downloaded from the Internet. It is also just as easily installed on your computer and, if you are like me, you more than likely use a laptop that you can conveniently take along with you. Now, all you need for a ticket to the Big Show is a high-speed Internet connection through DSL or cable. For busy travellers like me, Internet connection is typically available in many locations visited such as hotels and motels.

You’ll get a chance at viewing history in the making for one NBA franchise. The Charlotte Bobcats made the playoffs for the first time in their franchise history partly due to the clutch shooting of D.J. Augustin. He hit three 3-pointers in the fourth quarter – including one with but 16 seconds left – that gave the Bobcats a 104-103 win against the New Orleans Hornets clinching their first-ever playoff berth. Thus, Michael Jordan, a majority Bobcat owner, returns to the NBA playoffs.

They will have a tough and competitive road ahead of them. The Los Angeles Lakers, led by perennial super star Kolbe Bryant, look to repeat their 2009 success when they successfully outplayed the Orlando Magic to grab the 2009 NBA crown.

Don’t worry about compatible software since a version is available for both PC and Mac. You’ll be all set for every playoff tip-off with the best seat in the house in front of your computer when you use this fabulous software to watch the NBA playoffs online.

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