Wife won t initiate sex

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Are you in a marriage where your wife doesn't initiate sex, but you really wish she would? Well you're not alone in this at all But it doesn't have to mean strife in the marriage , end of marriage, or even end of good sex in the marriage if you do things right Before we solve a problem we first have to understand that problem. When it comes to the problem where a wife doesn't initiate sex there are many things that you need to know to realize that you're marriage isn't necessarily in trouble.
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What To Do If Your Partner Never Initiates Sex

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What To Do If Your Partner Never Initiates Sex

No less important is the fact that it makes men feel highly desired and thus loved when a wife initiates intimacy. So if you have been having problems on this front, here are some reasons why your wife may not be taking the initiative and what to do about it. TIP: Download the guide to seducing women. In some cultures, making your sexual desire known is considered a sign of wantonness in women — in these societies women are brought up to conceal their sexual needs and even though now she may be married to you and living in an emancipated society, years of conditioning may be difficult to let go of at once. Lack of emotional connection However if cultural conditioning is not an issue, it is quite likely that your wife is not taking the lead in lovemaking because of a lack of emotional connection. As a general rule, sex is more of an emotional encounter with women while it's more of a physical incident with men.
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The Way You Initiate Sex Can Make Or Break Your Sex Life

If your wife never initiates intimacy, the most important thing you need to do is figure out if this is a real problem for you or not. In other words, if you are in a strong marriage with great communication , you can easily talk to your wife about how you feel about your intimacy together. In this article I will break down the reasons why your wife never initiates intimacy and things you can do to help her understand why this is important to you.
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In the beginning of a relationship, when things are fresh and exciting, initiating sex is probably something that just happens organically with both of you likely initiating things. Over time, when things naturally slow down a bit and the two of you get comfortable, there might be a new normal forming in your relationship. As a couple, you'll find your own sexual patterns of frequency — and also which one of you usually tends to initiate it.

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